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Top 5 Performers in last 7 days
Batsman Team Runs
1. Avish Rukhram (C) Steel City Warriors 91
2. Kumar Doodnauth Steel City Warriors 76
3. Seenarine Narine (VC) Enterprise 65
4. Rajkumar Budhram Masters 54
5. Bull Jawahir Titans 37
Bowler Team O R W RPO
1. Loakram (Naresh) Singh Steel City Warriors 4 24 4 6.00
2. Tariq Hussain Titans 4 46 4 11.50
3. Amzad Haniff Masters 4 24 3 6.00
4. Imtiaz Ali (C) Enterprise 4 14 2 3.50
5. Farook Inshan Steel City Warriors 4 18 2 4.50

Up Coming Events
ORSCA Grand Finals 2018
Guys, It's finally here!!!! Our Grand Finals! Congratulations to Steel City Warriors and Enterprise for reaching ORSCA'S biggest match of our entire season, "The Grand Finals." Good luck to both teams. The finals will start @ 1:00pm at Marvin Heights Public School ground. The third place match between Masters and Titans will start @ 9:00am. Umpires for both matches are Wazim Saffar and Neilon Williams. We are asking for all the members of ORSCA to come out and join us in the celebration of our new Champion. If anyone wants to contribute a cash prize for our finals, please contact me. Any generous gift will be going to the two finalist, two MVP, top six hitter, best catch, top bowler. You will be given the chance to present your gift to the lucky recipients. Please help us in making ORSCA the best cricket league. Thank you. Regards, Patrick Singh ORSCA President/Schedule Coordinator
In the lust green field (slightly heavy outfield) at Marvin Heights, bright sunshine, a cooling temperature of 17 degrees and refreshing breeze; it is the ultimate showdown in the roundarm softball cricket league. They are arch rivals. One trying to redeem themselves from a loss earlier in the season. The other trying to ensure they make a complete sweep of ALL trophies that were available in ORSCA for 2018. Yes, fellow “ORSCAees”, it is STEEL CITY WARRIORS VS ENTERPRISE in the final on Saturday, September 22nd @ 1PM.

Steel City Warriors, having already claimed the T-20 "Test" trophy and the T-10 trophy, will be looking to dominate to ensure a clean sweep for the first time in the history of ORSCA. The Rukhram brothers have been a nightmare for bowlers all season. Their presence at the crease means big scores usually through some six-hitting brutality. Richie Shivrattan, Kumar Doodnauth and Ryan Sookram are unsung heroes but are just as capable batsmen. They are seasoned batsmen who usually show up on the day.Steel City Warriors bowling would be led by the reliable -Rishi Harricharran; Mr “off-stump-line”-Naresh Singh. Richie, Dennis and Farook are supreme back-up bowlers.

First time finalists-ENTERPRISE- are a very good all round team. The T-10 semi final between these two teams was a cliff hanger. Nothing less is expected from this final as well. Enterprise overcame Masters (one of the favourites for the title) in a very close semi-final encounter. Enterprise have four very talented all-rounders who can win the game with either bat or ball in hand. The little sleeping giant -Seenarine Narine- has woken up for the playoffs, scoring a century and two half centuries. Anil Ganpat has been a revelation with bat and ball. Imtiaz Ali is a veteran and Anirudh Puran exudes youthfulness. Dinesh is an excellent bowler and Naresh is one of the biggest hitters around.

Finals Saturday Sept 22
Saturday September 22 2018 @ Marvin Heights Public school, 7455 Redstone Rd, Mississauga;:::::::: Third Place Match @ 9:00am Masters vs Titans:::::::::: Grand Finals @ 1:00pm Steel City Warriors vs Enterprise:::::: Umpires are Wazim Saffar and Neilon Williams.::::::::::::All ORSCA Members, please come out and support our league.
ORSCA Presentation is on October 13 2018 @ 5:30 pm @ Royal Banquet Hall 185 Statesman Dr Mississauga. Please contact our treasurer Orin Roberts 647 391 6541 for your tickets. For additional tickets, please contact any of the Board Members.
Please uplift your team flag from Patrick.
Information Centre

League Documents, click on link to download

-1- ORSCA Constitution - 2018
-2- ORSCA Playing Rules - 2018
-3- ORSCA Scorecard - 2018
-4a- ORSCA EAST Zone Schedule - 2018
-4b- ORSCA WEST Zone Schedule - 2018
-4d- ORSCA T 10 Tournament 2018 Update
-4e-ORSCA 2018 Playoff Schedule
-4f- ORSCA Test Schedule 2018
-5a- ORSCA Waiver form - 2018
-5b- ORSCA Team List form - 2018
-5c- ORSCA Player Release form - 2018
-5d- ORSCA Protest form - 2018

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