TEST Results-June 22nd!
(1) Heritage Boyz beat Panthers by 6 wkts. (No trophies earned)
(2) Spartans won by walkover against Wildfiya.
(3) Fuzion won by walkover against Aces CC.
(4) Challengers beat Office Line by 122 runs. (No trophies earned)
(5) Toronto Knight Riders won by walkover against Jays Hawks.
(6) Smashers beat Island Boys by 197 runs. (Dinesh Ramkissoon-80 N.O; David Lachaya-76 N.O).
(7) Lightning SC won by walkover against Amazon Masters.
(8) Brampton Gladiators won by walkover against Brampton Rangers.
(9) Pegasus beat Elite CC by 237 runs. (Damodar Daesrath-100 N.O; Riaz Kadir-101 N.O; Devo Ramsawack-129 N.O; Tariq Hussain-4 wickets for 5 runs in 2 overs).
(10) 11 Man Army won by walkover against Hamilton Steelers.

TEST Results for July 13th!
(1) Brampton Gladiators won by walkover against Cambridge Jaguars.
(2) Masters won by walkover against 11 Man Army.
(3) Fuzion beat Sunrisers by 9 wickets. (Sanjeev Ramnarine-100 N.O.)
(4) Lightning SC beat Enterprise by 6 runs. (No trophies earned).
(5) Steel City Warriors beat Heritage Boyz by 63 runs. (Avish Rukhram- 85 N.O.)
(6) Challengers beat Spartans. (No trophies earned).
(7) Toronto Knight Riders beat Shawson by 55 runs. (No trophies earned).
(8) Pegasus beat Smashers by 54 runs. (Damodar Dasrath scored 109 N.O)

Test Results for August 10th!
(1) Toronto Knight Riders beat Lightning by 28 runs. (Shivnarine George-77 runs)
(2) Pegasus beat Gladiators by 61 runs. (Bobby Parasnauth-93 runs; Hattrick for Naresh Singh-3 wkts for 9 runs in 1.3 overs; Damodar Daesrath-89 runs; Devo Ramsaywack-83 runs).
(3) Masters beat Fuzion by 164 runs. (Rajkumar Budhram scored 122 runs N.O and 84 runs).
(4)Steel City Warriors beat Challengers by an inning and 56 runs. (Rishi Harricharran took 4 wkts for 7 runs in 2 overs).

Semi Final Results-August 24th!
(1) Pegasus beat Toronto Knight Riders by 86 runs. ( Damodar Daesrath - 107 N.O).
(2) Masters beat Steel City Warriors by 9 wickets. (Avish Rukhram took 4 wkts for 20 runs in 2 overs).

Final Result: Pegasus beat Masters by 9 wickets. Masters scored 171/4 wkts and 92/8wkts. Pegasus made 138/3 wkts and 127/1 in 7.3 overs. MVP is Nishal Singh.