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. Words cannot express our feelings nor thanks for your help.
Thank you for your participation in making ORSCA'S Presentation 2017, and the entire season an anticipated success.
If the world had many more people like you then it would be a better place. You make an impeccable difference. Thank you: Rayad Kamal, Ryan Sookram, Saudia Rafeek, Neil Williams, Lakeram Arunkumar Ishri, Mark Nazir- Master Cricket Club,Parmanand Ramaischrand (Ramesh), Mitchel Bacchus, Erlene Boodhoo-Baksh, Kameza R Mohamed,Roseanna Rukhram Shiwlal, Munir N Shabana, Katrina Mangal, Fee Khan, Djslim Mohamed, Arifa Khan, Amar Punu, Artie Punu, Valecia Sueann, Andrea Bhawan, Emily Mohabir , Zachary Mohabir, Dinesh Ajodha, Akala Baksh, Akash Sukhoo, Wazim Saffar, Natalie Escobar and Reggie Tulshi. Also to all the teams, their management and their members.
Thank you again from the Board Members of ORSCA.

God Bless.
Patrick Singh
ORSCA'S President
Aditya Rambaran - Vice President; Kay Sukdeo - Secretary; Orin Roberts - Treasurer; Sanjeev Ramnarine - Registrar/Statistician; Arvin Persaud - Public Relation Officer; Daro Sharma - Disciplinary; Roger Ramanand - Disciplinary; Tony Dookhram - Disciplinary.
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League Documents, click on link to download

ORSCA Regular Season Sch-2017
ORSCA Rules For 2017
ORSCA Scorecard for 2017
ORSCA T-10 Complete Sch.pdf
Orsca T20 Test Knockout Competition 2017 pdf

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