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Top 5 Performers in last 7 days
Batsman Team Runs
1. Tony Dookie (C) Arisha Boyz 123
2. Amit Rukhram Steel City Warriors 120
3. Asif Ali Spartans 118
4. Kevin Gullcharan Lightning SC 106
5. Avish Rukhram (C) Steel City Warriors 83
Bowler Team O R W RPO
1. Muniram Ramdyal (Doddy) Masters 4 27 5 6.75
2. Inul Rudolph Spartans 4 9 4 2.25
3. Loakram (Naresh) Singh Steel City Warriors 4 35 4 8.75
4. Paul Barran (C) Aces Cricket Club 4 40 4 10.00
5. Romesh Persaud Shawson 4 20 3 5.00

Up Coming Events
ORSCA Dinner and Dance for 2018!!!!
Anyone interested in hosting/running ORSCA'S Dinner and Dance for 2018; please contact the PRO.
Arvin Persaud, Public Relation Officer
416 803 4071

TEST Results
"TESTS" results are on Highlights page!!!!

TEST Updates
- A player must play at least one (1) regular season game for your current team (the team you are currently registered with) to qualify for T-20 “Test” competition. Females and Under 18 players are not bounded by this requirement.
- Only Red “PRS SPORTS 360” Softballs are allowed for this format. One ball per inning for the T-20 “Test” format unless damaged or lost.
- Power play does not apply. All other Rules are in effect for the TEST format.

Team Captains
Going forward, you are permitted to refuse an opposition team member playing in a match, if there is no PHOTO ID for that player on the website.

ORSCA CONSTITUTION is available on the website.

ORSCA Waiver
Senior Representatives of all teams,
The waiver is now available on the website. Please print and have all team members sign.
The new deadline for submitting the signed waiver is JUNE 20TH, 2018 (for all players).
Once the player has signed, you can email a pic of the signed waiver to It is preferable that the Snr Rep make a PDF file with all the signed copies of the waiver for his team and email to
The hard copy of the signed waiver can be given to a Board member at your earliest convenience.
Thanks for your support and patience.

Information Centre

League Documents, click on link to download

-1- ORSCA Constitution - 2018
-2- ORSCA Playing Rules - 2018
-3- ORSCA Scorecard - 2018
-4a- ORSCA EAST Zone Schedule - 2018
-4b- ORSCA WEST Zone Schedule - 2018
-4c- ORSCA "TEST" Schedule - 2018
-4d-ORSCA T10 Tournament 2018 Updated
-5a- ORSCA Waiver form - 2018
-5b- ORSCA Team List form - 2018
-5c- ORSCA Player Release form - 2018
-5d- ORSCA Protest form - 2018

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