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Up Coming Events
Reminder to all 2020/21 Registered Teams
[1]Masters - defending Grand Champions (2019)
[2]Cambridge Jaguars - Finalists (2019)
[3]Brampton Gladiators - Trouble makers (2020)
[4]Fuzion SC
[5]Panthers - the Leafs of Softball Cricket
[6]Cool Runnings
[7]Pegasus - KO Specialists
[8]Industry CC - new men on the block
[0]Brampton Rangers - always ready for a rumble
[1]Spartans - regular finalists, is this their year?
[2]Island Boys
[3]Smashers - these boys don't go down easy,
[4]Wildfiya - wisdom and youth, watch out
[5]Aces CC
[7]11 Man Army
[8]Officeline CC

· All teams that login for ORSCA AGM will receive a $50 voucher towards their 2021 registration fees. (Zoom roll call will be used to validate participants)
· Attendance prizes will be up for grabs compliments of Adana Homes. Attendance prizes will be up for grabs compliments of Adana Homes.
On behalf of ORSCA BOARD,
Trevor Chakalall | Scheduler | schedule@orsca.ca

ORSCA 2021 Season coundown begins now
Dear Members,
Notice is hereby given to all members that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF ORSCA will be held on Sunday 20th of June 2021 at 5 PM. This will be a virtual event using the Zoom platform, the Zoom details to be shared in a separate email sent to Team Reps.
1. Welcome Address by the President.
2. Confirm and approve minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 16th of February 2020, see attachment.
3. Receive and adopt annual Report and financial statement for the year ending 31st of December 2020.
4. Run elections for board positions whose tenure has expired.
President, Vice President, Secretary, Schedule Coordinator, PRO
5. Aligning with the Ontario roadmap for reopening, we will announce key event dates and propose a schedule.
Team Registration Cutoff date - 27th of June, 2021
Captain’s Table Meeting – 3rd of July, 2021
Schedule and Ball distribution
Season openers – 11th of July, 2021
6. Discuss any proposed constitution and rule changes.
7. Discuss any other matter with the permission of the chair.
We encourage all teams to reply to this email and provide input regarding any related items that you would like to see discussed.

On behalf of ORSCA BOARD,
Trevor Chakalall | Scheduler | schedule@orsca.ca

2021 The Mankad

An ORSCA panel discusses The Mankad and it's implementation as per ORSCA rules!

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