Beta Testing ONLY v1.2 - ORSCA eWaiver
Aid in the development of ORSCA's digital waiver form, click on the link below to complete to the waiver (ORSCA eWaiver +) at bottom of the page.
You can email your suggestions on how to improve this process to Thank you #ORSCA2020
1 Review The Privacy Policy
2 Read the Terms of Agreement
3 Read the Indemnification Clauses
4 Select Participant(s)
5 Provide Personal Details
6 Agree to Electronic Signature
7 Sign Document [print or draw]
8 Attach proof of ID [gov. id or selfie]
9 Submit
0 ORSCA Secretary will review and [ACCEPT or REJECT] waiver
*The intent of this document is a perpetual contract between individual players and ORSCA and does NOT require signing annually unless; the Terms of Agreement has changed, or an under-aged players has reached the age of consent.

How it works: verification by email or selfie
EMAIL VERIFICATION: Website, Facebook etc
Once completed, the waiver is submitted as pending email confirmation. You will receive an email from Smartwaiver from the address entered, once you have verified by clicking the link received, the document records your ip address, and web browser session to bind the agreement.
SELFIE VERIFICATION: using the Kiosk APP on your mobile device or tablet
Once completed,at the time of signing, the device takes a selfie using the front facing camera. This image is attached to the waiver and submitted to ORSCA for verification. If using the Kiosk method, you must grant the App access to your camera, your waiver will be rejected without a facial image attached. Email confirmation is optional when using the Kiosk method. Your device can be authorized for ONLINE (mobile data) or OFFLINE access (wifi).

Getting the APP
*Download the SMART WAIVER app from the Apple or Android store.
*contact ORSCA personnel for Kiosk authorization.
*Launch the app to get your authorization code and give to personnel.
*authorize the App to use your device's camera.
*you can now use the APP anytime to complete and submit your team's waivers.
*maximum amount of offline waivers is.